Sunday, 26 Mar 2023

Trump was suspected of tax evasion for ten years

US President Donald trump has not paid Federal income tax for the past ten years, the New York Times newspaper writes, citing tax returns.

According to the publication, when trump became President in 2016, he paid only $ 750 in income tax, and the same amount in 2017. “He didn’t pay income tax at all for ten of the last 15 years — mainly because he reported that he was losing more than he was earning,” the newspaper emphasizes.

However, the Trump Organization’s lawyer, Alan Garten, noted that “most of the facts, if not all, appear to be inaccurate.” He stressed that over the past ten years, the President has paid the government tens of millions of dollars in personal taxes.

At the same time, the publication pointed out that the lawyer used an inaccurate term, combining income tax with other taxes paid by trump.

According to TASS, later during a press conference, trump denied The claims of The New York Times, calling them a fabrication, and admitted that he pays taxes.

Earlier, the niece of US President Donald trump, Mary, accused him of fraud in obtaining an inheritance after the death of his father. She filed a lawsuit against the American leader, the other defendants are his sister Maryann trump-Barry and the administrator of the inheritance of their brother Robert, who died in August.