Sunday, 26 Mar 2023

In the United States blocked the ban on downloading TikTok

A court in the United States temporarily blocked the entry into force of the us administration’s decision to remove the TikTok social network app from the Google and Apple app stores. This is reported by Reuters.

Judge Carl Nichols granted the TikTok owners ‘ request for a temporary injunction, but rejected a request for a similar ban on restricting the social network’s operation in the country from November 12.

The ban on downloading TikTok was supposed to take effect on Sunday at 23:59 local time (06:59 Monday Moscow time). Restrictions on the work of TikTok are planned to be launched from November 12, if by that time a deal for the sale of the app has not been concluded.

On September 22, the US Department of Commerce postponed the ban on downloading the TikTok app until September 27. The decision was made on behalf of US President Donald trump “in the light of positive developments.”

On September 18, it was announced that users living in the United States will not be able to install TikTok or WeChat updates. The authorities will not force users to remove apps from their phones, but they will oblige Apple and Google to remove Chinese apps from their platforms available in the country. At the same time, Apple and Google will be able to save applications on platforms operating in other countries.